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On July 18, 2014 we played our first “real” concert at Hope Community Church in Riverside, CA. We were nervous and excited all at the same time. The people who showed up to sing with us that night made a lasting impression on our band, making this one of the most memorable events of our lives. They inspired us, and motivated us to make and play more worship music. We were fortunate to be able to capture the excitement and energy of that night on our new CD entitled “No Song To Sing” (Live from Hope Community Church). Thank you to the wonderful people at Hope Community Church for making this night a reality.

Our latest live EP contains three original songs: No Song To Sing, His Deep Love, and When Christ Was Born. It also contains two covers that we recorded under license with Hillsong Publishing (Oceans) and for KING & COUNTRY (Proof of Your Love).

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On November 26, 2014, we brought our recording gear to an old-fashioned church building to capture a “Night of Hymns.” Hundreds of voices became one, as believers sang praises to their Creator. Their voices resonated throughout the 30-foot tall sanctuary of this wonderful church, producing the nostalgic sound of congregational hymns.

Churches in the early 1900s were designed to project the voices of the congregation without amplification, making it easy for people to hear their voices become one. Collective worship is appealing because it gives us a glimpse of what we will witness, and be a part of in Heaven someday. In Revelation 5, John not only saw believers singing praises to God, but he also heard the voices of millions of angels around the throne singing a mighty chorus to the audience of One.

We look forward to singing this “mighty chorus” someday to the Great Redeemer. Until then, we can sing with other believers and experience the splendor of our voices uniting in praise—giving us a taste of what it will be like when He makes all things new.

We are grateful to the kind people of Faith Community Church for singing with us, and for allowing us to capture this special night.

“Songs To Sing For Christmas” was our first Christmas album recorded in 2014.

You can download it on iTunes here!

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