Our mission is to reimagine cross-generational praise by playing and writing worship songs that transcend generations.

Ryan Johns

Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

McKenna Johns

Pianist / Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter

Kyrsten Johns

Bassist / Singer / Songwriter

Luke Johns

Percussionist / Songwriter


Ever since we were very young, our parents took us to Spirit West Coast every year to see our favorite bands. We’d come home inspired after each event and tried everything we could to get our band started, slowly making progress, but not reaching the point where we could actually put songs together.

Then, one day in 2010, we came home to find that our entire house had flooded. Our instruments were destroyed, and our hopes of getting our band off the ground were dashed. By God’s grace, just a few months later, we were able to replace our damaged equipment with brand new instruments, and He also gave us a brand new room in our house that now serves as our recording studio. We decided to use these gifts to worship Him through a praise and worship band that we called THEANTHROPOS Worship.

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